Our hotel is open for overnight stays and the kitchen from noon till 8 pm. Guests can consume their food and drinks in their hotelroom, the restaurant is closed. Breakfast is served in a package and there is takeaway coffee, tea and other drinks available throughout the day. There is a night-time curfew from January 23 until (at least) February 10. This means that everyone has to stay inside between 21pm and 4:30AM. Exeptions are travelling to work, from or to abroad and emergencies. If you need to be outside during curfew hours, you will be expected to carry a  “self-declaration curfew" form. For work, you must also carry a statement from your employer which can be used as evidence. If you are self-employed, you can fill in your own statement.

For people who are travelling from the UK, don't forget the documents you need to enter the EU. People don't have the right documents are denied at the border. You can find more information here.

In addition, we have our delicious dishes available for take-away, it can be found on this website and our social media channels. Dishes can be picked up every day from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM after ordering by phone.

We hope to see you soon in good health! Take care!


Het Wapen van Alblasserdam

Het Wapen van Alblasserdam isn't just any old hotel or restaurant. We offer a unique getaway where you can spend the night, dine and perhaps even feel right at home. Our team will make your visit extra special with its keen eye for detail and outstanding personal service. We're ready and waiting to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Wapen historie


Het Wapen has a rich and varied history, which we're particularly proud of. Our hotel dates back at least one hundred years. Back then, Jan van Krimpen and Cornelia Pijl were innkeepers at a coffee house on the Dam. Their son followed in their footsteps and so it continued – generation after generation.

On 11 May 1940, the building was destroyed in an aerial bombing raid. Later, it was rebuilt at Dam 24 and renamed Het Wapen van Alblasserdam. The business and building continued to grow and expand.

In 1965, a modern café was added and in 1982 there followed the first of several major renovations. The first stone was laid for new hotel rooms and an armoury by Mark van Krimpen – Jan van Krimpen Jr and Roelien van Herk's son. This couple and their son, John, have been running the family hotel business with a great deal of enthusiasm and pleasure since 1995.


Unique Ambiance

Although Het Wapen's history goes back quite a way, there's absolutely nothing old or outdated about its service and amenities. On the contrary! In early 2016, the hotel underwent yet another major renovation. The dividing wall between the restaurant and café was removed to create a spacious and stylish 'Grand Café'. Here you can dine in comfort, or simply snuggle up in the lounge with a drink in your hand and chat the night away with friends and family.

And if you were thinking about a weekend getaway, why not book one of our modern hotel rooms? We look forward to welcoming you to our 'Grand Café' or hotel very soon!

Experience 'Het Wapen' for yourself!

If you were thinking about a weekend away, why not book one of our modern hotel rooms? We look forward to welcoming you to our 'Grand Café' or hotel very soon!


Grand Café

You're cordially invited to join us here to soak up the ambiance and enjoy a snack or a drink with friends and family. Or even a business dinner!

Grand Café


Come and relax in one of our cosy, comfortable rooms. The hotel's tranquil setting also guarantees a perfect night's sleep.